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The Tint & Trim Factory已经为阿尔伯克基/圣达菲地区服务了近30年! And we’re still the only authorized 3M dealer/installer around. 多年来,我们在该地区的数百家企业中应用了Scotchtint窗膜.

With 3M’s film technologies, such as the new Ceramic or Prestige series, and our professional installers, 我们可以为管理建筑能源使用的许多最具挑战性的方面提供有品味的解决方案.

3M Scotchtint窗膜将太阳的热量从你的建筑中带走, 为你节省高达一吨的空调,每100平方英尺的玻璃暴露在阳光下.
By diminishing the heat, 我们帮助您消除建筑中的热点和冷点,从而提高您的员工和客户的舒适度.
从外观上看,我们的胶片会给您的建筑带来更加赏心悦目、统一的外观. 在内部,我们的电影大大降低了你的人的眩光水平.
Our films help protect your furnishings, wallpaper, drapes, 或者通过阻挡高达99%的太阳有害紫外线来防止褪色.

Night Vision Series

夜视窗膜可以防止太阳紫外线的伤害,控制热量和眩光, while inviting warm, natural light into the room and increasing comfort. Unlike most high-performance, metal based films, 夜视电影具有较低的内部反射率,使您的视野比以往任何时候都更清晰, especially at night. 这种强大的组合使夜视电影成为任何家庭的欢迎之物.

Ceramic Series

Amazing clarity. 先进的陶瓷可以使这些薄膜随着时间的推移保持其颜色和外观. 陶瓷系列薄膜拒绝高达80%的太阳红外光和高达59%的热量通过您的窗户. 陶瓷系列薄膜还能阻挡99%的紫外线,显著减少家具褪色. 陶瓷系列薄膜允许30%到50%的自然光进入你的家.

Prestige Series

Clearly superior. Designed to maintain the appearance of your home, Prestige系列薄膜结合了低于玻璃反射率的薄膜选项,允许大部分光线进入您的家. 威望系列电影允许40%到70%的自然光进入您的家.

Prestige Series window films use non-metallized, 多层光学薄膜和纳米技术可以阻挡高达97%的太阳红外光,阻挡高达60%的热量穿过窗户. These films also reject up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays to reduce fading of your furnishings.

Installed with 3M Night Vision 35

Installed with Exterior Prestige 40 on the outside and Ultra 400
Safety and Security film on the inside

3M Safety & Security Films

Whether you need improved safety & security in your home or your place of business, 我们可以帮助您减少损失的机会,增加您的内心的平静. 我们已经在许多联邦政府安装了3M公司的Scotchshield十大靠谱网赌网页窗膜 & state buildings, local businesses, and private residences. 我们的产品和经验可以帮助您达到您需要的十大靠谱网赌网页级别.

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3M’s unique technology combines multiple, micro-thin layers of film to create a stronger, 更难以穿透的十大靠谱网赌网页性和十大靠谱网赌网页窗膜无与伦比的水平的性能. The new Ultra High Performance line of films are a tough, durable, 防撕裂和穿透的屏蔽,连接到您的窗户内部保护. 这种薄膜有助于将玻璃固定在一起,从而极大地减少玻璃碎片掉下来或飞出去的机会——即使是在风的直接作用力下, or impacts from flying objects, or heavy devices used for breaking and entering.


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We offer many types of film and even the 3M Ultraflex Window System

School Safety with 3M

To provide the necessary added protection for their students, hundreds of schools across the country are installing 3M Safety & Security Films to their campuses. Consider some of the benefits –

  • 它比用夹胶玻璃替换所有门窗更划算
  • It is easily applied, even over existing glazing
  • While it cannot stop intruders from entering school buildings, it does act as a deterrent, providing precious response time by slowing the intruder down

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We offer many types of film and even the 3M Ultraflex Window System

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Gouge Protection


Acid-etch Protection


Scratch Protection


Clean Removability


Indoor/Outdoor Use

May be applied to either interior or exterior locations.

Vandalism Protection

Vandalism is an expensive, rapidly growing problem worldwide. In the United States, 每年减少涂鸦项目的成本估计在100亿到120亿美元之间. Albuquerque and Santa Fe are no exception. 涂鸦为阿尔伯克基市18个月的环境成本就高达100万美元.

3M公司的这些新型防涂鸦胶片旨在帮助打击涂鸦对建筑物造成的破坏. Types of graffiti the films protect against include: etching, scratching, painting, and marking of glass and mirrors. 这种新产品为十大靠谱的网赌平台和公共建筑的业主和管理者提供了节省成本的机会.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film offers a cost-effective, 解决日益严重的破坏公共和私人财产问题的常识性解决方案.

Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Scotchgard anti-graffiti window film is an optically clear, distortion-free film for: windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. Useful for interior or exterior applications. 这种薄膜在抵抗破坏分子使用的玻璃蚀刻溶液的破坏方面特别有效. When applied to glass, Scotchgard film also offers the extra benefits of blocking heat, glare, and 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays.

When applied to surfaces that vandals often target, such as interior and exterior windows, mirrors, and other glass, the film provides protection by taking the brunt of graffiti damage. Paints, permanent markings, 其他污渍可以很容易地从保护表面去除,而不需要使用刺激性的化学物质. 因为被蚀刻或刮擦损坏的薄膜可以很容易地去除,并用新的薄膜替换, 使用保护膜还消除了传统的涂鸦清理费用,或者更昂贵的完全更换被涂鸦损坏的设备或财产的费用.

Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Enhanced Privacy and Aesthetics

Our goal at the Tint & Trim Factory是帮助我们的客户为他们的问题找到最好的解决方案. Through experience, 我们发现,窗户的颜色并不总是保护隐私的最佳解决方案, interior design, or certain architectural applications. That’s why we offer 3M’s line of Fasara glass films.

3M Fasara Glass Films

对于想要从多种隐私级别中进行选择的人来说,这些电影是理想的选择, needs or wants light to transfer through the glass, and wants a variety of textures to choose from. Fasara薄膜也可以通过电脑切割,就像我们的黑胶图形一样,用于高度定制的设计. The options for lettering and graphics are almost limitless.

These decorative films can be applied to any glass surface, creating a beautiful etched-glass appearance without the cost. 新薄膜呈现出一种均匀的宣纸外观,这在窗膜中是不常见的. 柔和地分散光线,营造出高档、宁静的氛围. 我们有优质设计的薄膜,既适合玻璃隔断,也适合窗户的内表面.

Fasara Interior Design Films are available in a variety of textures, each with a decorative matte appearance. They’re all made of thin, durable polyester. Once applied, the films function as permanent solutions, but can easily be removed or repositioned as needs or styles change.

  • Conference Rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Retail Environments
  • Residential Settings
  • Private Offices
  • Exterior Windows
  • Glass Partitions
  • Verandas
  • Store Fronts